Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday renewed his call urging President Barack Obama and Congress to impose tougher restrictions on guns following a horrific shooting rampage an elem.

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dian dollars (6.23 million U.S. dollars) a year. Harper's government was defeated March 25 by opposition parties' no-confidence move, which found the government in contempt of the .

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red August 5, 2010 from a BP live feed in the Gulf of Mexico. BP said on Thursday it completed cementing operations at the ruptured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico at 14:15 CDT, as.

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over months or years." According to the library, Welcome Back Week will run from Oct. 21-27. During that time patrons can return their long overdue materials -- those that are mo.

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ct, although some other analysts said they could prove influential. It would make little sense for the GOP to put defense on the chopping block, as that would take pressure off pr.

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ts 11 p.m. curfew. Today marks the one-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street protests which have since spread to dozens of other U.S. and international cities. Enditem ? Demon .

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ise came as a culminating moment at the end of the two-day International Conference in Support of the Central American Security Strategy, participated by 60 nations and 50 intern.

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The challenge of climate change is a shared one and there should be no rivalry, he said to an audience of more than 1,000 scientists and officials from the 194 nations that signe.

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Pakistan. They were part of what officials call the "single largest collection" of bin Laden. Experts were still analyzing materials seized in the raid. Related: Special Report: B.

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